About Us

About The Custom Stamp Co.

The Custom Stamp Co. was founded in February 2017 by Brisbane couple Rhiannon and Andrew.  Over the subsequent 2 years, The Custom Stamp Co. has processed over 2000 orders from customers in Australia and around the world.

Rhiannon is currently on maternity leave but usually works as a high school teacher, teaching maths and science to grade 7 and 8 children.  Andrew is a police Detective, and often works shift-work, which means all sorts of crazy hours!  Andrew has two beautiful children, who grace us with their presence every second week and in January 2019 we were fortunate enough to add to our tribe with the birth of our son Austin.

We specialise in making professional, custom made pre-inked rubber stamps of the highest quality using only the finest manufacturing equipment and components.  With our background in education and child protection, we are well aware of the need for custom-made teaching accessories, which are often hard to find.

The Custom Stamp Co. Pty Ltd is a registered Australian company, with ACN 624 588 101 . We can be contacted at PO Box 5122, Algester, Queensland 4115 or by following this link.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’ve already ordered my stamps, when will they arrive?
We are working as hard as we can to get your order made and shipped.  To check the progress of your order, simply login to your account and check your order status.  “Payment Received” means that we have received your order and it is in the queue to be designed, printed, inked and mailed.  “Stamp Design Completed” means that your stamps have been designed, and are waiting to be checked prior to being printed.  “Stamps Being Inked” means that your stamp designs have been printed and are ready to be inked and packaged. “Shipped” means that your order has been completed and is in the mail to you.

What are pre-inked stamps?
Pre-inked stamps (also called flash stamps) are a type of rubber stamp where the ink is absorbed into the stamp pad.  This means that these stamps are clean and neat, and don’t require messy stamp pads.

Can my stamp be re-inked?
These stamps can be re-inked, but unfortunately this is not a service that we currently offer.  If you wish to re-ink your stamp, make sure you purchase “flash stamp ink” and pour a few drops (enough to cover the image) onto the face of the stamp.  Once the ink has had some time to absorb, wipe away the excess and your stamp should be good to go.  It’s a messy process though, so we don’t recommend it – it’s much easier to get new stamps!

Do you sell other types of stamps?
Unfortunately rubber stamps (which require a stamp pad) and self-inking stamps require expensive equipment to make.  In order to keep prices for our customers down, we don’t currently sell these types of stamps.

How will my stamps be sent to me?
All our stamps are wrapped in bubble wrap, and mailed in a thick, waterproof, bubble lined envelope.  These envelopes are then mailed from our local Australia Post office straight to your door!

How long does it take for me to receive my stamps?
At The Custom Stamp Co we aim to have all our orders made and in the mail within about 2-3 weeks.  Orders are sent through Australia Post, and generally take 2-5 business days to arrive (depending on how far they have to travel).  Unfortunately, our orders can sometimes take a little longer to put together though, as things get busy or life (and kids) get in the way.

Will I get a tracking number for my order?
Due to the volume of orders that we receive (remember we both work full time!), we are not able to send every single customer their tracking details as a matter of course.  However, if you contact us directly, we are more than happy to provide you with these details if you need them.

I don’t have a PayPal Account.  Can I still place an order?
Our payments are all processed through PayPal due to their excellent security and proven record in handling transactions.  It means that we do not have any access to your credit card details, and they are not saved on our systems at all.  You can still place an order even if you don’t have a PayPal account – just punch in your credit card details and away you go!

Will I get a confirmation email from you after placing my order?
When you first create an account on www.customstampco.com.au, you will get a email welcoming you to our site.  When you place your order, you will get another order confirming your order and including all the details.  If you have not received these emails, try checking your junk mail folder, as they sometimes get intercepted!  If you still haven’t received any emails, get in touch with us as it’s possible that your email has bounced back for some reason.

Why do you ask for my phone number when I order?
From time to time there are issues with an order – particularly when custom images are involved.  If this happens, we may need to contact you to clarify before we start making your stamp.  We also provide your phone number to Australia Post when we organise the shipping, so they can contact you if they have any issues.

I want to place a big order (25 or more stamps). What is the best way to do this?
If you are looking at placing an order for 25 or more stamps, contact us for a quote.  Prices will depend on the quantity you require, how many unique stamp designs you wish to order, and how quickly you need them delivered.

Are your stamps only for teachers?
Not at all! While most of our customers are teachers (and schools buying stamps for their teachers), we also get orders from local councils, photographers, utility companies, train drivers, coffee companies and even engaged couples!  Our stamps are completely custom, so they can be designed for any purpose you like!

What do I do if there is an issue with my stamps?
If you have received your stamps and they contain a mistake or you are not happy with the quality, just let us know.  You can send us an email at sales@customstampco.com.au or send us a message on our Facebook or Instagram profiles.  Just be sure to include a photo of the stamps so we can see what’s wrong with them!