About Us

About The Custom Stamp Co.

The Custom Stamp Co. was founded in February 2017 by Brisbane couple Rhiannon and Andrew.  Since then, The Custom Stamp Co. has processed thousands of orders from customers in Australia and around the world.

Rhiannon is a high school teacher, teaching maths and science to grade 7 and 8 children.  Andrew is a police Detective, and often works shift-work, which means all sorts of crazy hours!  Andrew has two beautiful children, to whom we have added another two little ones.

We specialise in making professional, custom made pre-inked rubber stamps as well as customised drink bottles, stickers, and other educational items. With our background in education and child protection, we are well aware of the need for custom-made teaching accessories, which are often hard to find.

The Custom Stamp Co. Pty Ltd is a registered Australian company, with ABN 39 624 588 101 . We can be contacted at PO Box 808, Park Ridge, Queensland 4125 or by following this link.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are pre-inked stamps, and what are they used for?
Pre-inked stamps (also called flash stamps) are a type of rubber stamp where the ink is absorbed into the stamp pad.  This means that these stamps are clean and neat, and don’t require messy stamp pads. These kind of stamps are perfect for teachers to use for marking and providing feedback on school work as they offer clean, crisp and consistent impressions on all types of paper.

Do these stamps work on skin?
Pre-inked stamps use a special type of ink which absorbs into the stamp pad. While this ink is non-toxic, it doesn’t clearly stamp well onto skin. We know that kids love stamps on their hands, but unfortunately this type of stamp isn’t really designed for this purpose. We recommend that these stamps are used for stamping on paper and cardboard only, as we don’t guarantee they will work on other materials.

Can my stamp be re-inked?
These stamps can be re-inked, but unfortunately this is not a service that we currently offer.  If you wish to re-ink your stamp, make sure you purchase “flash stamp ink” and pour a few drops (enough to cover the image) onto the face of the stamp.  Once the ink has had some time to absorb, wipe away the excess and your stamp should be good to go.  It’s a messy process though, so we don’t recommend it – it’s much easier to get new stamps!

Will I get a confirmation email from you after placing my order?
When you first create an account on www.customstampco.com.au, you will get a email welcoming you to our site.  When you place your order, you will get another order confirming your order and including all the details.  If you have not received these emails, try checking your junk mail folder, as they sometimes get intercepted!  If you still haven’t received any emails, get in touch with us as it’s possible that your email has bounced back for some reason.

What is the status of my order?
You can check the status of your order by logging into your account and navigating to the ‘Orders‘ section of our website. Each order that you have placed will be assigned a status, so you see what stage we are up to.

Once your order has been placed, the status will initially be set as ‘Processing’.  This is a temporary order status until your payment has been confirmed.  Following that, we have created a 10 step manufacturing process in order to ensure that your stamps are crafted with efficiency and the highest possible level of quality.

Step 1: Payment Received.
We have confirmed with our third party payment provider that they have successfully processed your payment, and that it has been received.  We will now start manufacturing your stamps.

Step 2: Custom image being edited.
Either some of the custom images that you uploaded were not able to be used on the stamp ‘as is’, or we need to manually design your stamps for some other reason.  Once we have manually edited your images and completed your stamp designs, your stamp designs will be printed and we will commence the manufacturing process.

Step 3: Stamp designs completed.
We have either finished downloading your stamp designs from our website or manually designing them ourselves.  These designs are now ready to be printed out and your stamps manufactured.

Step 4: Stamps being flashed.
Your stamp designs are now being printed out onto special paper, and the designs transferred onto rubber stamp pads using our flash machine.

Step 5: Stamps being assembled.
The newly flashed rubber pads are being inserted into the plastic cases.  We make every effort to ensure that the colour of the case matches the ink colour, but sometimes this is not possible.

Step 6: Stamps being inked.
We are now applying a number of coats of stamp ink to your rubber stamps pads.  Once each layer of ink has absorbed into the rubber pads, any excess ink will be wiped away and if any ink has come off onto the plastic case this will be cleaned off.

Step 7: Testing and toppers.
We test each stamp by stamping it onto a sheet of paper a number of times to ensure that it leaves a clean and crisp impression. For round stamps, we also stamp a round disc of paper for use as a topper, and for rectangle stamps we print out a topper containing an image of the stamp design.

Step 8: Stamps being remade.
Unfortunately, from time to time we are not happy with the quality of the product we have manufactured.  If we believe that your stamp could have been made better, we will completely remake the stamp from scratch (don’t worry, we recycle as much as we can!).

Step 9: Final testing and packaging.
We test our stamps a final time by stamping them onto your tax invoice.  This enables us to ensure that we have matched the correct stamp with the correct order.  We will then package your stamp for postage (in bio-degradable packaging material wherever possible).  It is likely that during this step, your order status will temporarily be changed to ‘Processing’ while our system links to our couriers.

Step 10: Order Shipped.
Your stamps are now on the way! If your order is being sent via Australia Post, it has been packaged, paid for, and mailed in our local post box.  If it is being sent by courier, it has been packaged, paid for, and booked in for collection on the next business day.

How long does it take for me to receive my stamps?
At The Custom Stamp Co we aim to have all our orders made and in the mail within about 2-3 weeks.  Orders are sent through Australia Post, and generally take 2-5 business days to arrive (depending on how far they have to travel).  Unfortunately, our orders can sometimes take a little longer to put together though, as things get busy or life (and kids) get in the way.

Will I get a tracking number for my order?
Most of our stamps are sent through the Sendle network of couriers. When your stamps have been picked up by the couriers and are on the way to you, you should receive an email from Sendle with your tracking information. Unfortunately orders that are mailed through Australia Post don’t automatically receive tracking details, but if you contact us directly, we are more than happy to provide you with these details if you need them.

Are your stamps only for teachers?
Not at all! While most of our customers are teachers (and schools buying stamps for their teachers), we also get orders from local councils, photographers, utility companies, train drivers, coffee companies and even engaged couples!  Our stamps are completely custom, so they can be designed for any purpose you like!

I want to place a big order (20 or more stamps). What is the best way to do this?
If you are looking at placing an order for 25 or more stamps, contact us for a quote.  Prices will depend on the quantity you require, how many unique stamp designs you wish to order, and how quickly you need them delivered.

Do you sell other types of stamps?
Unfortunately rubber stamps (which require a stamp pad) and self-inking stamps require expensive equipment to make.  In order to keep prices for our customers down, we don’t currently sell these types of stamps.

What do I do if there is an issue with my stamps?
If you have received your stamps and they contain a mistake or you are not happy with the quality, just let us know.  You can send us an email at sales@customstampco.com.au or send us a message on our Facebook or Instagram profiles.  Just be sure to include a photo of the stamps so we can see what’s wrong with them!